There are 3 great ways to financially support your community during this time of need.

Donate to the Renton Chamber which purchases low cost meals from local small businesses to give to those in need through this program. 

Donate to the Tukwila Food Pantry

Donate to the Renton Regional Community Foundation COVID-19 response fund. 

Renton Chamber

The Renton Chamber of Commerce uses your donations to purchase low cost meals from small businesses to give to those in need.

Tukwila Food Pantry

This local food back serves our community and needs your help!

Renton Regional Community Foundation

Be sure to specify that your donation is for food when donation to the Renton Community Foundation COVID-19 response fund.
Disclaimer: These links will take you to other websites. Please check on federal tax deduction of donations for each organization if that is important to you. Thank you for your support in fighting food insecurity in our communities.